Continental Breakfast

Freshly baked bagels, bialys and soft challah rolls with gourmet muffins, low-fat scones, apple turnovers and buttery croissants nested in a beautiful basket, accompanied by assorted cream cheeses, butter and jelly

  • $8.95 per person

Lunch Baskets

Perfect for corpoate meetings or birthday parties. A Beautiful basket of bagel sandwiches overstuffed with our most popular salads and smoked fish, accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and coleslaw

  • $12.95 per person

Giant Party Bagel

An all-time fun party favorite, serving 8-12 guests. Featuring an 18" twisted bagel garnished with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and generously filled with your choice of:

  • Bagel Plaza cream cheeses or sliced cheeses: $69
  • Assortment of gourmet salads: $89
  • Sliced nova, sable or kippered salmon with any cream cheese $109

Herring Bowl

Tender marinated herring fillets and sliced onions blended with your choice of house cream or white wine sauce

  • Small: $35
  • Large: $70

Pickled Lox Bowl

For all Lox lovers. Bite-zie pieces of pickled lox marinated with onions and generously covered in "lick-your-fingers" cream sauce

  • Small: $45
  • Large: $90

Israeli Salad Bowl

A light compliment to any meal. Diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, red and green peppers sprinkled with balsalmic vinegar

  • Small: $24
  • Large: $48

Pasta Bowls

Available with bow tie, couscous or elbow pasta

  • Small: $24
  • Large: $48

Smoked Fish Platter

A truly unforgetting experience:
Tender filet of our superb whitefish surrounded by mouth-watering thinly sliced nova, sable, out-of-this-world kippered salmon combined with assorted Bagel Plaza cream cheeses

8-12 guests $215 -or- $17.95 per person

Salad Platter

An array of your favorites:
Egg or egg and mushroom salad, incredible tuna and light vegetable tuna, delicious whitefish and baked salmon salad. Our healthier choices include chunky whitefish, poached salmon and garden tuna.

8-12 guests $145 -or- $11.95 per person

Combo Platter Deluxe

An all-inclusive, guaranteed five-star experience:
Tempting layers of melt-in-your-mouth Nova Scotia lox, the finest sable and luscious kippered salmon complimented iwth unbeatable egg and creamy whitefish salad, light vegetable tuna and our signature poached salmon salad, served with an assortment of our best cream cheeses

10 guests $200 -or- $19.95 per person

Whitefish platter

Makes any party a hit:
Indulge yourself with our enormous whitefish filet beautifully arranged on a bed of lettuce, garnished with lemon, cucumbers and grape tomatoes.

Regular: 15-30 guests $79 -or- Stuffed: 30-50 guests $115

Smoked Fish, Salad and Combo Platters include complimentary bagels, bialys and challah rolls of your choice. Large Ceremonial Challah available for special occassions.

Vegetable Platter

A perfect accompaniment to your Salad and Fish platters. Freshly sliced ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, Bermuda onions, and or Brooklyn pickles artistically arranged on a bed of green or red leaf lettuce.

  • Small bowl (serves 4-8 guests): $9
  • Small platter (serves 12-18 guests): $19
  • Medium platter (serves 20-30 guests): $29
  • Large platter (serves 30-40 guests): $39
  • Over 50 guests: $0.95 per person

Vegetable Crudite Platter

An all around party favorite. A colorful selection of crunchy vegetables with your choice of dip

  • Medium (serves 20-30 guests): $39
  • Large (serves 30-40 guests): $59

Cheese Platter

A beautiful presentation. Freshly sliced American, Swiss and Muenster cheeses served with shaved butter and adorned with fresh fruits

  • Small (serves 10-20 guests): $35
  • Medium (serves 20-30 guests): $65
  • Large (serves 30-50 guests): $85

Fruit Platter

A palate of color and freshness. A selection of the finest fruits including cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon, grapes, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples and blueberries

  • Small bowl (serves 6-8 guests): $24
  • Large bowl (serves 8-15 guests): $48
  • Small platter (servers 15-25 guests): $59
  • Large platter (serves 25-40 guests): $89
  • Over 40 guests: $2.95 per person

Fruit Boat

Add that personal touch. Have your name or your company's name carved into a watermelon filled to the top with handpicked fruits of the season

  • Serves 40-60 guests: $175

Cookie Platter

Just from the oven. An irresistible arrangement of our gourmet cookies, handmade ruggulah and assortment of our delicious mini muffins for the swettest ending to the perfect meal

  • Small (serves 12-20 guests): $35
  • Medium (serves 20-30 guests): $45
  • Large (serves 30-40 guests): $75
  • Extra large (serves 40-50 guests): $85
  • Over 50 guests: $2.50 per person

About Us

Everything we sell is made on the premises using the finest ingredients and no preservatives. From our bagels, bialys, callahs rolls, ruggulah and other baked goods to our delicious salads and cream cheeses. We do not cut corners in anything we do, whether it is day-to-day business or a special catering affair. The Bagel Plaza staff is trained to give our customers royal service. For our fiftieth anniversary we did a huge renovation. We wanted to bring the store's appearance up to the Twenty First Century standards. At Bagel Plaza we are happy to be a part of the Merrick community. We support all local schools, religious organizations and charities. Bagel Plaza has also been a proud sponsor of the Merrick Little League for twenty four seasons. Our facility is completely peanut-free and our menu is under strict rabbinical supervision by Rabbi Scott A. Hoffman of Temple Israel, South Merrick.

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